Kato Savannah is a hybrid cross created from breeding a serval and a domestic cat. TICA (The International Cat Association) has accepted the Savannah into Championship status.  SBT registered Savannahs will be competing in TICA shows as of May 1, 2012 at this level.

Summerwood is extremely proud to have the Best Savannah Kitten, Savannah Alter, and Savannah Cat in the Great Lakes Region for the first 3 years that the Savannah Cat was accepted into Championship status.

Savannahs are known for being very dog-like; they love to play fetch, enjoy water, and are normally found in the same room with their person.

We have experience with servals and have come to the conclusion that in the majority of cases, they are not good house pets and therefore have decided to breed the much easier to care for Savannah. The beauty, grace, and intelligence of the serval can be seen in the Savannah.

Savannahs have a wild look with domestic traits. We know you will enjoy this unique and exciting new breed as much as we do.

Our love for these amazing felines started in 1998 with the purchase of our first savannah “Kato.” He likes to jump and play fetch. He was the start of an

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