Dixie: Born August 9, 2010 at Summerwood Savannahs adopted as a  pet as a kitten. We are trying to help her find a new home due to a change in her family. She has  always been a pampered pet, but has been having adjustment problems since her family adopted a dog.   She does fine when alone, but cringes or hides when the other pets are around.  Due to this she needs to have a home with no dogs. Before the dog came she was fine with the other male savannah in the home, but now she is being picked on even by him.

Please contact Mindy for additional information and to see if you would be a good home for this very sweet and loving girl. She loves sleeping on a lap daily and loves her pets and scratches.  She enjoys hunting and has been successful in bringing the owner two mice.

Please contact Mindy at:  262-620-7083 or

dixey 3

dixey sleeping