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Supreme Grand Champion Alter Summerwood Mystic Monty

Supremed 2015

Supreme Grand Champion Summerwood Georgie Girl

Supremed 2015

Picture by Helmi Flick


Summerwood Great Lakes Regional Awards for 2013-2014

Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion Summerwood Rias Cody

Supremed 2014

2014 Thirteenth Best Shorthair Cat of the Year

2014 Best Savannah of the Year

2014 Best Savannah Kitten of the Year

2014 Best Brown/ Black Spotted Tabby Savannah of the Year


RW Supreme Grand Champion Summerwood Maximus

Supremed 2013

2014 Eleventh Best Alter of the Year

2014 Best Savannah Alter of the Year


Our Great Lakes  Regional Awards for 2012-2013 show season


Champion Alter Summerwood Rebel


Quad Grand Champion Summerwood Sassy Selena (aka Nibbles)

___________________________________________________________  Quad Grand Champion Summerwood Mystic Ria

2013 Great Lakes Best  of Breed Savannah


Max Supremed in just three shows and became a Regional Winner in the Alter Class in just 4 adult shows 

2013 Great Lakes Regional Winner, Supreme Grand Champion Alter Summerwood Maximus


2013 Great Lakes Region -Best  of Breed Savannah Kitten Summerwood Georgie Boy


Below are past TICA Registered Summerwood Savannah kittens

kc new home comp


LawverIMG_2186webAri side jacketnyashia-face2

Gypsy big boy may 11 -2cleo-male-sept-27-09



Summerwood Savannahs will have an amazing selection of kittens to suit your own personal needs. Whether you are looking for the perfect pet, or an addition to your breeding program, Summerwood Savannahs is here to make your dreams a reality!


Lyla and roxies girl